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Belase Air Purifier

Descrição rápida

  The Belase Salon Air Purifier is a capture system made to remove harmful fumes in hair salons. The system consists of a 17" hood housing a 12" fan, +C pre-filter, +Carbon filter and a lighting system. The combination of our filters +C and +Carbon in this system removes from the air: mold, pollen, oil vapors, Formaldehyde, PPD, Ammonia, Bleach fumes, Ethylene, Mercaptans, Monomers and Acetones. It is highly indicated to filter fumes from Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Hair Smoothing, Coloring, Relaxing, Bleaching, Highlighting and other hair treatments, while also reducing irritation in eyes, throat, lungs and other related health hazards. The +Carbon Filter uses a unique design allowing filtration to up to 4 months without needing replacing.

 Specs:   Rated Voltage: 110 V -  240 V   |    Power Consumption: 120 W    |    Weight: 10,5 Kg


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Portable, easy installation and handling. Here are some features:

Our system contains 40 times the activated carbon present in conventional systems allowing great adsorption of fumes like formaldehyde and methylene glycol.

The combined system polypropylene filter and pre filter, provides superior removal of particles suspended in the air not only eliminating the smoke as well as dust and toxic particles.

Just connect the device to a plug and it is ready for use. Is not required any change or adjustment in your workplace. The filter replacement is very fast and easy, requiring no tools.

The system filters the smoke, gases and particulates from various beauty products and treatments in hair salons by adsorption, the most common in Keratin hair smoothing, Brazilian Blowout and Laser hair removal treatments tha produce inumerous fumes and harmful gases considered highly harmful without filtration to both the professional as their clients.

Professional Tips:

To make better use from the Belase air Purifier follow the following instructions: Position the suction area 8 to 12 inches above the proceeding, in the same direction than the client hair. For longer hair may be needed to adjust the inclination and position to cover the suction area. Daily after use clean the equipment following the sections Maintenance and Cleaning in the manual.



The lifespan of a +Carbon filter in salons with frequent use is two to four months, the time will vary depending the amount of use and the components being filtered. We recommend replacing every 4 months to ensure filtration of the harmful chemicals and particles. To ensure best filtration during this period its important to change and clean the washable pre-filter after each day of use.


  1. Recomendo review by Mauro on 19/09/2016

    O Desfumador é muito útil, principalmente com o uso de produtos com cheirinho forte.
    Recomendo a utilização.

  2. 100%SATISFAÇÃO review by Lucena on 10/06/2016

    Com esse produto nao tenho mais problemas de saúde, posso atender em casa, no salao e em qualquer ambiente sem transtornos!!! Além de criarem um produto de muita inteligência, são excelência no atendimento....sou muito grato!!!

  3. In love review by Kakau Magno on 06/11/2015

    Comprei e estou in love... Demorei um pouquinho pra encontrar a melhor posição, mas feito isso realmente não sinto mais nenhum odor e a fumaça realmente nem chega perto do meu rosto ou das clientes... Super recomendo!!!
    Ps: gostaria de marcar a BELASE no meu FB mas não consigo... ABÇS

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