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+Carbon Filter

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The exclusive filter +Carbon design enables a density 40 times higher of Activated Carbon than conventional filters, allowing to remove molecular atmospheric pollutants such as formaldehyde, ammonia, acetates and other harmful chemicals and fumes caused by Keratin Hair Smoothing and Brazilian Blowout Treatments. The filter density also enables it to run up to 4 months without replacing the filter.


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The Belase Air Purifier with the exclusive replaceable +Carbon Filter, should be used with the washable polypropylene pre-filter, to ensure maximum filtration and filter durability. The life span of a +Carbon filter in salons with frequent use is two to four months, the time will vary depending the amount of use and the components being filtered. We recommend replacing every 4 months to ensure filtration of the harmful chemicals and particles.

Filtering element compositon

Propriedade     Especificação   
Carbon 9 – 11%
Ash <3%
Tricalcium phosphate  70 –76%
Calcium carbonate 7 – 9%
Calcium sulfate  0,1 – 0,2%
Surface Area total (BET N²)  200m²/g
Iron < 0,3%

 Total wheight: 780 gramas

Dimensions: Ø32 cm x 3,5 cm

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